For this wonderful and extravagant bowties by Goletz Bowties even I dare to step in front of the camera. By the way, I’m Christian – and I love bowties! They perfectly fit to my type and make me look chic with a wink. Thus I’m happy the bowtie found its way back into fashion during the last years and my plea is that it takes over from neckties as quickly as possible! Those who are searching for very special bowties should have a look at the Berlin label Goletz Bowties.

Christian wears the model „Riley“
Maik wears the model „Gipsy“

Stay Tied!

Goletz Bowties was founded in July 2015 and manufactures fancy bowties of high quality for men and women. All by hand according to the motto „Stay Tied!“. Currently the portfolio consists of four product lines: The classic models and bowties of leather are perfectly suitable for every day use – simple and sophisticated at the same time. The sporty models stand out for the technical 3D fabric with relief structures and have a modern appearance. Exceptionally beautiful and extravagant are the outstanding feather bowties by Goletz Bowties: Designed for the style-conscious and extravagant man they give the wearer that certain something. Styled with a dandy spirit in mind they also impress with high-quality fabrics and coloured feathers. The range of services is rounded up with individual custom-made products by the Bowtie Manufactory.

Thus these bowties are not only appropriate for special occasions but also for everyday use. A stylish and modern accessory that goes well with many outfits. Goletz Bowties convince with their quality and their sense of the impulses of the spirit of the time. Stay Tied!

Further information about Goletz Bowties and an internet shop for the wonderful bowties can be found under:

Christian wears the model “Kimung”
Maik wears the model “Hunter”


Portrait-Photos by Vivien Dorbandt

This article was created in cooperation with Goletz Bowties.

5 replies on “Accessoires | We love the bowties by Goletz Bowties

  1. Die samtene Federfliege und die Lederfliege – absolute Favoriten! Die Satin-Federfliege weckt bei mir sofort Assoziationen an einen Jäger im traditionalistischen Janker-Gewand und ist daher nicht mein Fall.
    Was an allen auffällt, ist die hochwertige Optik und das Band: wie wird es geschlossen? Mit Druckknöpfen? Fliegen binden ist wie der Krawattenknoten inzwischen eine beinah verlorene Kunst geworden… wie schade! Dabei finde ich vor allem schmale Krawatten an schmalen Männern immer noch sehr schön.

    Und Christian, du hast absolut Recht: die Fliege unterstreicht deinen Typ perfekt!

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