We all know how important oral hygiene is. That apps and smart toothbrushes can help us to improve long-term care habits when brushing our teeth was presented to me at the Philips event in Amsterdam for their new “Sonicare DiamondClean Smart” toothbrush.


Be smart, also for oral hygiene

Amsterdam is not only a beautiful city, but also the headquarters of the Philips health care group. Representatives of the press from all over Europe were invited here to present the smart tooth brushing technology. We spent the evening with a cosy dinner in the restaurant De Kaas. The restaurant in an old greenhouse offers another special feature in addition to the unusual location: all ingredients used are home-grown and super fresh. The presentation of the Sonicare DiamondClean Smart took place the next morning. After breakfast and a welcome by Egbert van Acht, Business Leader Health & Wellness, Sally Revell, Director of Consumer Marketing for Connected Propositions, presented the smart new addition to Philips oral hygiene. This was followed by an exciting panel discussion, where the advantages of networked technology, also in the health sector, were discussed. Then we were allowed to test the brush and app ourselves.

The Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart is the first networking sonic toothbrush to record toothbrushing behavior in real time via the Sonicare app. This ensures clean and comprehensive oral hygiene and improves long-term care habits. Your smartphone will show you exactly which areas need to be cleaned even better and your cleaning behaviour will be evaluated in real time. The new Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart offers five different cleaning settings: Clean, White+, DeepClean+, Gum Health and TongueCare as well as three intensity levels. The matching brush heads are equipped with a microchip and are automatically recognized by the brush when attached. This makes the toothbrush a multifunctional device for your oral hygiene. During use, the app and the brush provide information about your cleaning behaviour: by vibration, shining of the brush end or via pop-up on the smartphone you will be informed directly about too tight cleaning. Networked technology is the future of oral hygiene and helps to improve oral health in the long term. “Brush up, get smart!”

Beauty-Philips-Sonicare-DiamondClean-Smart-Zahnbuerste-App-Mundhygiene Beauty-Philips-Sonicare-DiamondClean-Smart-Zahnbuerste-App-MundhygieneBeauty-Philips-Sonicare-DiamondClean-Smart-Zahnbuerste-App-Mundhygiene Beauty-Philips-Sonicare-DiamondClean-Smart-Zahnbuerste-App-Mundhygiene Beauty-Philips-Sonicare-DiamondClean-Smart-Zahnbuerste-App-Mundhygiene Beauty-Philips-Sonicare-DiamondClean-Smart-Zahnbuerste-App-MundhygieneBeauty-Philips-Sonicare-DiamondClean-Smart-Zahnbuerste-App-Mundhygiene Beauty-Philips-Sonicare-DiamondClean-Smart-Zahnbuerste-App-Mundhygiene

Photos by Christian Geppert

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