An exciting fragrance makes every look even more fashionable. Care and perfume are simply a part of a good style. That is why we are presenting five brand-new and extraordinary men’s fragrances for autumn in our “Beauty” category.

beauty-kaisers-neue-kleider-malefashion-blog-herbst-duefte-trends-von-eusersdorffThe scents for autumn:

beauty-kaisers-neue-kleider-malefashion-blog-herbst-duefte-trends-von-eusersdorffVon Eusersdorff – Classic Vétiver
The exclusive fragrance compositions from Von Eusersdorff are not only fragrant, but true luxury. Different unisex scents like patchouli, mimosa, opoponax or vétiver captivate with their intensity and purity. The “Inspiringly Different Fragrances” of the New York manufactory are based on the tradition of perfumers and create fragrance experiences from high-quality components. “Classic Vétiver” radiates a fresh combination of grapefruit, bergamot and other sparkling notes.
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beauty-kaisers-neue-kleider-malefashion-blog-herbst-duefte-trends-boss-intenseBOSS Bottled Intense
“BOSS Bottled” is a true classic among men’s fragrances. The new version “Intense” contains a higher concentration of precious oils as well as more intense woody and spicy components. Distinct apple notes combined with gentle accents of green orange blossoms provide a less sweet, but even more intense masculine fragrance experience.
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beauty-kaisers-neue-kleider-malefashion-blog-herbst-duefte-trends-joop-hommeJOOP! Homme!
JOOP! Homme! is still cult even after more than 25 years. The limited edition “JOOP! Homme Kings Of Seduction” plays a perfect game of seduction with its scents: The “Red King” uses oriental, spicy woody scents with red chili and cinnamon. “Black King“ is the woody earthy scent with black pepper and orange blossoms. Both scents offer very special scent compositions, which make the cult scent even more exciting.
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beauty-kaisers-neue-kleider-malefashion-blog-herbst-duefte-trends-zadig-voltaireZadig & Voltaire – This is him
The French fashion label Zadig & Voltaire combines rock’n’roll with elegance and luxus in its fashion and accessory collections. „This is him”, the new Eau de toilette for men, combines a masculine scent of vanilla and incense with a rocking base note of sandalwood. Whether gentleman or rocker – this fragrance enchants. #thisiszadig
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Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

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