For us men, too, natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular. The trend towards natural care makes sense – because nature offers plenty of valuable active ingredients! Green + The Gent is a new organic cosmetic brand especially for the modern gentleman.

Green-the-gent-Naturkosmetik-Beauty-Maennerpflege-Hautcreme-Rasur-vegan Green-the-gent-Naturkosmetik-Beauty-Maennerpflege-Hautcreme-Rasur-vegan

Organic certified, vegan, Made in Germany

The Greent + The Gent care series with purely natural ingredients comprises five products and a high-quality shaver. Face Wash, Face Tonic, Moisturizing Cream, Face + Shave Oil and Shampoo + Body Wash. Natural cosmetics that convince! Not only the effect, but also the masculine scents and the minimalist packaging design quickly impressed me. Green + The Gent uses aloe vera as the leading active ingredient for its care products produced in Germany, which is a highly effective moisturizer for the skin. The moisture booster is supplemented with natural active ingredients from elderberry, ivy and hops, whose composition is perfectly adapted to the needs of male skin. For my daily care routine I start under the shower with the refreshing shampoo + body wash. The 2in1 solution saves time and gently cleanses my hair and skin. For the following shave I use the distinctive Face + Shave Oil. The high-quality oil composition moisturizes my face and helps with light shaving and beard care. Finally, I apply the moisturizing cream, which nourishes my skin throughout the day. This is the gentleman’s wish for modern cosmetics!

You can find out more about Green + The Gent on the homepage:

Green-the-gent-Naturkosmetik-Beauty-Maennerpflege-Hautcreme-Rasur-vegan Green-the-gent-Naturkosmetik-Beauty-Maennerpflege-Hautcreme-Rasur-vegan Green-the-gent-Naturkosmetik-Beauty-Maennerpflege-Hautcreme-Rasur-vegan Green-the-gent-Naturkosmetik-Beauty-Maennerpflege-Hautcreme-Rasur-vegan Green-the-gent-Naturkosmetik-Beauty-Maennerpflege-Hautcreme-Rasur-vegan Green-the-gent-Naturkosmetik-Beauty-Maennerpflege-Hautcreme-Rasur-vegan Green-the-gent-Naturkosmetik-Beauty-Maennerpflege-Hautcreme-Rasur-vegan

Photos by Christian Geppert

This article is a cooperation with Green + The Gent.

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