To improve the condition of your skin you should use effective products that prevent, correct and protect. The best effect is achieved with a complete range of coordinated products. SkinCeuticals develops skin care products for a beauty routine that perfectly meets these demands with scientific findings.

Prevention, correction and protection

SkinCeuticals offers a comprehensive, clinically proven skin care program to prevent and protect skin and correct existing damage. I have put together a combination of products especially for my skin type for daily beauty routine. The cleansing gel forms the basis, the other rich products are against tired eyes and correct the skin with antioxidants and plenty of moisture. These are my SkinCeuticals produkts in detail:


1. ) Cleaning:
Simply Clean
The cleaning process starts: The pore-refining wash gel in the pump bottle contains hydroxy acids and plant extracts to gently remove sebum from my skin.


2. ) Prevent:
AOX+ Eye Gel
Especially for my sensitive eye area I use the serum gel AOX+ Eye. The active ingredients and antioxidants soothe a tired appearance and make me look fresh and fit even after a short night.

Phloretin CF Gel
The highly concentrated antioxidants in Phloretin CF Gel then give me a radiant complexion. A real booster for the charisma!


3. ) Correct:
Retexturing Activator
One or two drops of the Retexturating Activator from the pipette are sufficient for an evenly radiant appearance. The serum strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and gives my skin moisture – the best for new, fresh skin cells.

Phyto Corrective
Especially in winter or after sports my skin is quickly irritated and sometimes reddened. The Phyto Corrective Masque contains highly concentrated herbal active ingredients and hyaluronic acid that cool and soothe my skin. The intensive effect is felt immediately and redness disappears immediately.

4. ) Protect:
Daily Moisture
As a finish I protect my skin with the light, pore-refining Daily Moisture. The selected plant extracts tighten my skin and give it longtime moisture. Perfectly cared for and protected in an exciting day!


Photos by Christian Geppert

This post is a cooperation with SkinCeuticals.

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