Fortunately I have no skin problems! Therefore I’m open to any skin care product with its respective ingredients. Of course high quality products without questionable ingredients such as parabens are very important to me. During a shopping trip I noticed the beautyful black bottles by Ebenholz Skincare in the window of a small perfumery and immediatly I was thrilled about them. I made an online research and found out that Ebenholz Skincare offers natural cosmetics especially for men, produced in Germany. Well, that suits me!


Especially for male skin

Ebenholz Natural Skincare offers five highly effective natural „skincare tools“ especially tailored to the needs of male skin. All care products are subject to strict quality controls, vegan, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. The product series works thanks to healing and highly effective essences of trees like birch and chestnut. Ebenholz is also very appealing in terms of its packaging: The care products are filled in a reusable black glass vial with a noble seal made of oak wood. The sustainable packaging becomes a real style statement in the bathroom. I’ve tested the mattifying Power Lotion and I really like it as daily face cream! Thus it is worth looking closer also at the other products of this series.

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Photos by Christian Geppert

This article was created in cooperation with Ebenholz Natural Skincare.

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  1. Ist dieser Verschluss schön! Das ist überhaupt hübsches Design, in Verbindung mit interessantem Inhalt. Wenn alle Flakons noch puristisch-rund wären (sie wirken oval auf mich), könnte ich mich wirklich nicht mehr zurückhalten (und es – ganz ohne Mann – vermutlich trotzdem kaufen). Diesen Schönheiten gebührt ein Logenplatz! Ich glaub’, ich geh’ mal schauen, ob/wo man die in Österreich herbekommt. Dann muss einfach der Herr Papa als Tester herhalten!

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