I love fashion and unusual designs! Young designers in particular stand for individual fashion and creative ideas. The final collections at the fashion schools are often experimental and creative. In my work as a model I have often had the opportunity to work with creative young designers and would now like to present some of their work here. With this article a new series starts on the men’s fashion blog “Kaisers neue Kleider”, which is intended to open the view for new fashion: The new generation of German designers.

Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign

WHY – the fashion of generation Y

The first in this series are the designers Marie-Therese Thiers and Alina Perhöfer. The collection “WHY” is the result of her joint bachelor thesis at the AMD in Düsseldorf. The ideals, the questioning attitude and the individuality of Generation Y are the guiding themes. The individual pieces are completely in white and are composed of sporty and casual silhouettes. Inspired by sports- and streetwear, they take up the athletic trend and turn it into high fashion. Different materials such as lycra, silk, sweater fabric and tulle are stylistic elements. Eye-catching and good – WHY does not set a question mark but defines the fashion ideals of a creative generation.

Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign Designer-Nachwuchs-Deutschland-Modeschule-Editorial-Fashion-Modedesign

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

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