Modern, avant-garde and dark: the fashion of Polish-German designer Aleks Kurkowski is inspired by geometry and her love tot he colour black. Her men’s collection includes matching trousers, jackets and shirts in extraordinary cuts.

Modern avant-garde

A bit of New Romantic, a bit of Gothic, mixed with sporty street style. In her collection Aleks Kurkowski combines different styles and materials. Leather, heavy wool and cotton with straight cuts and strict shapes becomes progressive men’s fashion. Low crotch pants, extra-long shirts and casual jackets develop their very own style completely in black. Minimalist high-class fashion combines the timeless spirit of the avant-garde with traditional craftsmanship, with factors such as sustainability and the use of natural materials playing an important role. And of course the colour black!

Editorial-Aleks-Kurkowski-Malefashion-Designer-Mode-High-Fashion-Avantgarde-Menswear-01 Editorial-Aleks-Kurkowski-Malefashion-Designer-Mode-High-Fashion-Avantgarde-Menswear-02 Editorial-Aleks-Kurkowski-Malefashion-Designer-Mode-High-Fashion-Avantgarde-Menswear-09Editorial-Aleks-Kurkowski-Malefashion-Designer-Mode-High-Fashion-Avantgarde-Menswear-03 Editorial-Aleks-Kurkowski-Malefashion-Designer-Mode-High-Fashion-Avantgarde-Menswear-04Editorial-Aleks-Kurkowski-Malefashion-Designer-Mode-High-Fashion-Avantgarde-Menswear-10 Editorial-Aleks-Kurkowski-Malefashion-Designer-Mode-High-Fashion-Avantgarde-Menswear-05 Editorial-Aleks-Kurkowski-Malefashion-Designer-Mode-High-Fashion-Avantgarde-Menswear-06 Editorial-Aleks-Kurkowski-Malefashion-Designer-Mode-High-Fashion-Avantgarde-Menswear-08Editorial-Aleks-Kurkowski-Malefashion-Designer-Mode-High-Fashion-Avantgarde-Menswear-07

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

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    1. Hey Andy,
      vielen, vielen Dank. WOW!! Das nenn ich mal ein Kompliment. Mode ist für mich auch was besonderes und wertvolles – nicht nur was zum bedecken des Körpers. 😊
      Come Back
      Grüße, Maik.

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