Fashion schools demand a lot from their students, but they also encourage creativity and let the graduates live out their ideas. Young designers create special and unusual fashion in which they pick up and process current themes. To give an insight into their creative output, I started this series on the blog: The new generation of German designers.

Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex

Hermaphrodite – lace meets latex

Julia Israel’s collection is entitled “Hermaphrodit” and plays with male and female looks in fashion. It is inspired by intersexuality and stands for the acceptance of every person, regardless of gender. The haute couture collection is the young designer’s final work and is based on straight silhouettes. The different, high-quality and more feminine materials such as silk, lace and tulle are combined with latex and male cuts. The gender stereotypes are neutralized – trousers, skirts, coats and jackets are unisex models. The completely neutral colouring in nude also emphasises the personality and blurs the gender identity. A modern and forward-looking approach.

Here you can find part I of this series.

Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex Nachwuchs-Designer-Spitze-Couture-AMD-Malefashion-Style-unisex

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

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