Everyone has noticed that I like unusual looks and extraordinary styles. At this editorial shooting I took it to the extreme – literally! Lace and leather, two materials that quickly evoke certain associations and form a strong contrast. A fashion editorial of a special kind.

Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial

Haute couture and fetish fashion

Lace is still an extremely rare material in men’s fashion. Only few designers dare to dress men in it. I have to say: It really feels good on my skin. With her label 3zehn, designer Kristin Kate Zimmermann has presented an extraordinary haute couture collection entitled “Black & White”, whose pieces mainly consist of lace for both women and men. In her designs, the permeability of the material and the contrasts that arise between the skin colour and the lace stimulated her. Elegance and luxurious materials are also the focus of her other collections. The young designer presents high-quality pret-a-porter fashion for women and exclusive fashion for men with unusual cuts and high-quality basic parts.

Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial

The accessories made of leather, chains, fur and feathers provide a strong contrast in the looks. Fetish elements have been in fashion for years. Even without sexual associations, playing with it in an outfit has its appeal. I discovered these exclusive fetish pieces from designer Renata Trencanska and her label Identity and borrowed them for this shooting. Harness, choker and fur shoulder are handmade and really high-quality pieces. I myself closed the feather sleeve, which I sewed especially for this shooting. Creativity all along the line for a truly extraordinary combination and a great editorial.

Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-EditorialMaennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial Maennermodeblog-Fetisch-Fashion-Spitze-Mode-Harness-Gay-Editorial

Shop the look:
Outfits: 3zehn | Accessoires: Identity by Renata Trencanska

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

4 replies on “Editorial | Lace meets leather

  1. Wow wow wow da fällt mir gar nichts ein. Ich finde die Looks alle Hammer. Ich selber kann mir noch nicht vorstellen Spitze zu tragen. Ich finde aber das alle Looks die einfach unheimlich gut stehen. Ich finde daneben den Federärmel (nochmal WOW) als auch die Fellschulter super brillante Details. Auch die Ketten finde ich cool. Die geben dem ganzen Looks noch so einen starken Charakter.
    Wahnsinn auch wie ausdrucksstark die Fotos sind.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

    1. Hallo Marcel,
      vielen Dank für dein Lob. Das finde ich super lieb von dir. Spitze ist auch für mich was besonderes, aber wie du weißt, mag ich es ja besonders. 😉
      Liebe Grüße nach München,

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