Overalls or jumpsuits are established items of clothings for women. They are available in numerous versions and cuts. Overalls for us men are a rarity and cool jumpsuits spread pretty slowly in men’s fashion.


From worker style to noble

For male overall models usually a casual style is preferred which ranges from worker style to army look – but there’re also noble models within the (online) shops. With scarcely any other clothing item you are quicker dressed and completely styled: slipped in, buttoned up, ready! The whole concentration can be focussed on footwear and hairstyle …

With this light overall made of dark blue linen fabric you are instantly dressed up perfectly. The subtle details such as cuffs on sleeves and legs, the hidden button bar or the breast pocket give it a very clean look. The belt is casually tied with a knot over the hips and in this way it gives the jumpsuit structure. With that I combine rough, highly laced up boots by BOSS Orange. With only one clothing item and matching shoes you obtain a cool look that can be worn really well especially in the transitional period. For a small wallet you can currently have a look at Asos and Co. and discover some cool overalls for men.


asos | Boots: BOSS Orange

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

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