Exclusive denim fashion from Düsseldorf: The brand new label „Herrenschatz“ transforms rough denim fabric into stylish men’s fashion of high quality. Herrenschtz offers real unique pieces for men – handmade, exceptional and with high wearing comfort. The fashion line contains – besides pieces of real Raw-Work-Denim – fashion of rough leather, wool fabrics of high quality, natural linen and cotton as well as massive silver jewellery and solid footwear. The Designkraftfabrik in an old industrial warehouse in Düsseldorf is definitely worth a visit!

herrenschatz-denim-maennermode-jeans-label-accessoires-kavat-shoes-fashionblog herrenschatz-denim-maennermode-jeans-label-accessoires-kavat-shoes-fashionblog

Denim and leather boots – the perfect combination

The denim collection is called „Inkognito“ – but with these stylish pieces you won’t be inobtrusive for sure! My All-Denim combination constist of a pair of trousers, a vest and a jacket. The wide cuts provide perfect wearing comfort and follow the current trend, the copper coloured buttons and matching seams create a consistent look. Furthermore there are a lot of details on the clothing articles that represent the design language of Herrenschatz. Thus the loose fit trousers offer buttons for braces and vest and jacket are equipped with lots of pockets, in addition every piece has a belt in the back for individual size adjustment. As an accessory I wear a casual leather strap with a large hook on my belt. Decorated with an elegant feather made from massive bronze the accessory contrasts with the rough denim material and demonstrates classy fashion consciousness. More about Herrenschatz can be found here: www.herrenschatz.com


About my boots: Kavat Shoes is a Swedish company and that puts, for generations, emphasis on handmade shoes of high quality. The brand stands out for its quality and against throwaway mentality as it wants to create long-lasting companions with their footwear. Most of the Kavat Shoes models are even certified with the EU eco label. My boots are made of soft brown leather, have a thick rubber sole and are lined with fleecy wool. So, pleasantly warm feet in all weathers. The Kavat Shoes online shop can be found here: www.kavat.com

herrenschatz-denim-maennermode-jeans-label-accessoires-kavat-shoes-fashionblog herrenschatz-denim-maennermode-jeans-label-accessoires-kavat-shoes-fashionblogherrenschatz-denim-maennermode-jeans-label-accessoires-kavat-shoes-fashionblog herrenschatz-denim-maennermode-jeans-label-accessoires-kavat-shoes-fashionblog herrenschatz-denim-maennermode-jeans-label-accessoires-kavat-shoes-fashionblog

Denim-Outfit and Accessoiry:
Herrenschatz | Boots: „Töre“ von Kavat | Shirt: Scotch & Soda

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

This article was created in cooperation with Herrenschatz.

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  1. Wow! Was ein geniales Denim-Outfit. Das Label hat echt was drauf und hebt sich wirklich von den meisten anderen ab. Super Bilder, tolle Location, alles perfekt mein Freund!
    #greetz, Daniel.

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