In every well arranged closet at least one tuxedo should be found. The tuxedo used to be the casual version of the tailcoat, but nowadays it´s a stylish classic suitable for many occasions. The combination of dinner jacket with shiny lapel and trousers with shiny waistband always has a certain coolness.

Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style

Black tuxedo and colour accents

My black tuxedo model* comes from the British men’s outfitter Johnny Tuxedo. The idea for this brand was developed in 2012 by „cool young men“ searching for the perfect dinner jacket. For the tuxedos Johnny Tuxedo relies on long-lasting experience with cut and material to stand against all the ill-fitting, boring and monotone tuxedos in the market. In their online shop they offer two tuxedo models, „The Original Tux“ and „Britannia Tux“ which are both designed perfectly. Along with my tuxedo I also shopped the white shirt and the bow tie by Johnny Tuxedo – the perfect combination for an elegant event. To add some colour to the classic black and white combination I chose a pink breast pocket handkerchief. Additionally the orange oat flaps on my shoes stand out. The white lace-up shoes by Navyboat are some quite cool pieces! They break the look and turn the classic tuxedo into a modern styled outfit.

Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style Eleganter-Smoking-Maennermode-Tuxedo-Fliege-Hemd-Style

Shop the look:
Tuxedo: Johnny Tuxedo | Shirt & Bow Tie: Johnny Tuxedo | Shoes: Navyboat

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

*The tuxedo was kindly made available to me.

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