Elegant, eye-catching and stylish – this is how the dandy appears in the classic picture. The dandy phenomenon emerged at the end of the 19th century, but is still shown in a modified form today. My outfit was inspired by the fashion style of the men of that time and here I present a combination in the classic dandy style.

Dandy-Style-Outfit-Brachmann-Hose-Weste-elegant-Malefashion Dandy-Style-Outfit-Brachmann-Hose-Weste-elegant-Malefashion

Designer trousers and vest

The look of wide trousers, turtleneck sweater and waistcoat is something very special! Trousers and vest are real designer pieces – the trousers were even made especially for me. The extraordinary cut with the extremely wide legs and the high seat comes from Jennifer Brachmann. The Berlin designer stands for straightforward men’s clothing that has fascinated me for a long time. The trousers developed for me were so well received by the designer’s team that they have now even been included in her upcoming collection.

I also wear a simple turtleneck sweater. Above another designer piece: The short vest was designed by the Czech fashion designer Jiri Kalfar. It is especially short cut, which fits perfectly to my pants and brings out its high fit very well. The elegant dandy-style vest has a large lapel and attached buttons. The multi-layer chain on the belt rounds off my look.

Dandy-Style-Outfit-Brachmann-Hose-Weste-elegant-Malefashion Dandy-Style-Outfit-Brachmann-Hose-Weste-elegant-MalefashionDandy-Style-Outfit-Brachmann-Hose-Weste-elegant-Malefashion Dandy-Style-Outfit-Brachmann-Hose-Weste-elegant-Malefashion Dandy-Style-Outfit-Brachmann-Hose-Weste-elegant-Malefashion Dandy-Style-Outfit-Brachmann-Hose-Weste-elegant-Malefashion Dandy-Style-Outfit-Brachmann-Hose-Weste-elegant-Malefashion Dandy-Style-Outfit-Brachmann-Hose-Weste-elegant-Malefashion

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Vest: Jiri Kalfar | Turtleneck: Boss | Trousers: Brachmann | Boots: Sand Copenhagen

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

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