Summer and the matching business look are an intensely discussed topic every year. Which outfit is appropriate to wear for men at the office and which not? A casual combination of shirt, jacket and light jeans is a good possibility to appear summerly as well as respectable.

Maennermode-Blog-Business-Look-Sommer-Otto-Kern-Sakko-Jeans-Outfit Maennermode-Blog-Business-Look-Sommer-Otto-Kern-Sakko-Jeans-Outfit

Sporty and elegant

On my city scooter I’m getting to the office in a sporty way. On hot days you should choose an outfit in which you not perspire. This light brown jacket by Otto Kern is ideally suited for working on hot days of summer. The unlined blazer consists of cotton-linen blended fabric which is breathable and light. The tailored fit and the small lapel give the light brown jacket a casual style. Instead of a formal white shirt I chose a colour matched shirt that won’t get too warm underneath the jacket. The scoop neck is not too wide and appears noble. To increase the summer feeling within my business look I combine jacket and shirt with white jeans. The trendy straight fit jeans provide high wearing comfort and the brown seams on the back pockets match the look perfectly in colour. To style it lightly I roll up the trouser legs a bit. Thus I leave air to my ankles and additionally I draw attention to my light shoes by Diesel. The noble leather shoe with its pointed shape, the buckle and the creeper sole can be combined very well with multiple looks. Here it looks noble and sporty at the same time. The light shades and the combination of summerly jeans and casual jacket are in my opinion just perfect for hot days at the office.

Maennermode-Blog-Business-Look-Sommer-Otto-Kern-Sakko-Jeans-Outfit Maennermode-Blog-Business-Look-Sommer-Otto-Kern-Sakko-Jeans-Outfit Maennermode-Blog-Business-Look-Sommer-Otto-Kern-Sakko-Jeans-Outfit Maennermode-Blog-Business-Look-Sommer-Otto-Kern-Sakko-Jeans-Outfit Maennermode-Blog-Business-Look-Sommer-Otto-Kern-Sakko-Jeans-Outfit Maennermode-Blog-Business-Look-Sommer-Otto-Kern-Sakko-Jeans-Outfit Maennermode-Blog-Business-Look-Sommer-Otto-Kern-Sakko-Jeans-Outfit Maennermode-Blog-Business-Look-Sommer-Otto-Kern-Sakko-Jeans-Outfit

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Blazer: Otto Kern | Shirt: Canadian Peak | Jeans: Otto Kern | Shoes: Diesel

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

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