A good summer outfit can be really simple: shorts, sweaters and sandals. However, it depends on the right details. So that summer doesn’t become a fashionable summer slump, here are a few thoughts about looks for us men.


Swim shorts, flip-flops and printed T-shirts

Men – why can’t most of you dress properly in summer? Is it so difficult to find a summery look that doesn’t call for an outdoor pool and consists of a printed T-shirt, flip-flops and sports pants? My outfit consists of a thin sweater, shorts, sandals and socks. Simple but still really fashionable. My black sweater is knitted by Asos and especially coarsely woven. This makes it very comfortable to wear even in warm temperatures. In addition, I combine a pair of short black trousers. When it’s hot, shorts are fine. However, you are not going to the beach – so swimming shorts or surf shorts are not the right outfit for the city. There are enough shorts that look good even with a simple T-shirt and do without a palm pattern. My shorts from Resteröds fall very casually and have the perfect length. Next item: The shoes. Flip-flops are also not the right footwear for a trip into the city. For the beer garden – okay. But otherwise please wear real sandals. And there really are a lot of fashionable models for men, too. Mine are simple, black and quite inconspicuous. To change that, I combine them with bright blue socks. You see: This can also work! However, tennis socks in flip-flops have a completely different statement. . . Fashion is a matter of taste, but the look should also be stylish in summer.

Shorts-Sandalen-Pullover-richtig-kombiniert-Sommeroutfit-Maennermode-Blog Shorts-Sandalen-Pullover-richtig-kombiniert-Sommeroutfit-Maennermode-Blog Shorts-Sandalen-Pullover-richtig-kombiniert-Sommeroutfit-Maennermode-Blog Shorts-Sandalen-Pullover-richtig-kombiniert-Sommeroutfit-Maennermode-Blog Shorts-Sandalen-Pullover-richtig-kombiniert-Sommeroutfit-Maennermode-Blog Shorts-Sandalen-Pullover-richtig-kombiniert-Sommeroutfit-Maennermode-Blog Shorts-Sandalen-Pullover-richtig-kombiniert-Sommeroutfit-Maennermode-Blog Shorts-Sandalen-Pullover-richtig-kombiniert-Sommeroutfit-Maennermode-Blog

Shop the look:
Pullover: Asos | Shorts: Resteröds | Sandals: Zign | Socks: Von Jungfeld | Smartwatch: Kronaby

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

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