The idea behind Ron Dorff’s sportswear is quickly explained: it is smart, stylish and timeless. The high-quality garments are made in Portugal and combine Swedish functionality with French elegance, “Discipline” is the motivation of the cool brand.

Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva

Paris – Stockholm

The brand Ron Dorff by the two designers Jérôme Touron, a Frenchman, and Claus Lindorff, a Swede, stands for essential basics of the highest quality. Selected fabrics and flawless cuts give the shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants and hoodies a perfect wearing comfort. I combine my super short tennis pants with three different tops: A white tank top, a grey T-shirt and a black sweatshirt. All of them are very comfortable to wear and the quality is noticeable on the skin. Prints and embossed prints are the brand’s motto and philosophy: “Discipline is not a dirty word”. A motivation to achieve your goals. A reminder that discipline is necessary in all areas of life in order to achieve top performance. I also wear sports socks by Ron Dorff, my sandals are by Teva* and I bought my black leightweight bag at COS.

In addition to cool sportswear, the label offers underwear, swimwear and casual loungewear. Ron Dorff also offers a skin care range specially made for the needs of men’s skin: “Skin Discipline”. Shampoo, shower gel and beard care provide you with the necessary power. The cosmetic series with high-quality nutrients helps your skin to regenerate quickly. Care and cool clothes – the all-round package for a sweaty workout and casual relaxation.

Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-TevaMaennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva Maennermode-Blog-Ron-Dorff-Sportswear-Influencer-Training-Teva

Shop the look:
Tanktop: Ron Dorff | T-Shirt: Ron Dorff | Sweatshirt: Ron Dorff | Shorts: Ron Dorff | Socks: Ron Dorff | Bag: COS | Sandals: Teva

Photos by Alexander Kuckart

This post is a cooperation with Ron Dorff. *The sandals were given me by Teva for free.

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