Now it is clear: autumn can no longer be stopped and is approaching us with great strides. You can’t do without a jacket these days and you should be better weatherproof on the way. And so today I present my first autumn outfit, which dresses me stylishly in the cold and wet weather.


New trends for autumn

Bomber jacket, destroyed jeans, boots and caps continue to be a trend this fall and remain an important style theme. For my outfit I chose a bomber jacket from the cult label Blauer. The coloured embroideries with american and asian motifs give the high-quality jacket a stylish look. I wear a grey trucker cap from Goorin Bros. with a cool fox patch on the front. My distressed jeans are made by Diesel and a special model of Narrot. The Tapered-Cut-Jeans has a light blue wash and is provided over and over with small cuts and tears. Somehow cooler than the boring holes at the knees! Under the jacket I wear a simple, white polo shirt by Lacoste with a contrasting collar and additional blue suspenders. I certainly don’t have to say much more about my boots: Dr. Martens can be found again in every fashion style and especially in autumn they are the perfect choice. The rough leather boot with 8-hole lacing comes here in cool petrol. You never do anything wrong with this! And so I present here a fashionable look that fits perfectly to the autumnal weather.

Kaisers-neue-Kleider-Malefashion-Herbstlook-Bomberjacke-Jeans-Dr-Martens-Boots-Trucker-Cap-Streetstyle Kaisers-neue-Kleider-Malefashion-Herbstlook-Bomberjacke-Jeans-Dr-Martens-Boots-Trucker-Cap-Streetstyle Kaisers-neue-Kleider-Malefashion-Herbstlook-Bomberjacke-Jeans-Dr-Martens-Boots-Trucker-Cap-Streetstyle Kaisers-neue-Kleider-Malefashion-Herbstlook-Bomberjacke-Jeans-Dr-Martens-Boots-Trucker-Cap-Streetstyle Kaisers-neue-Kleider-Malefashion-Herbstlook-Bomberjacke-Jeans-Dr-Martens-Boots-Trucker-Cap-Streetstyle Kaisers-neue-Kleider-Malefashion-Herbstlook-Bomberjacke-Jeans-Dr-Martens-Boots-Trucker-Cap-Streetstyle Kaisers-neue-Kleider-Malefashion-Herbstlook-Bomberjacke-Jeans-Dr-Martens-Boots-Trucker-Cap-Streetstyle Kaisers-neue-Kleider-Malefashion-Herbstlook-Bomberjacke-Jeans-Dr-Martens-Boots-Trucker-Cap-Streetstyle Kaisers-neue-Kleider-Malefashion-Herbstlook-Bomberjacke-Jeans-Dr-Martens-Boots-Trucker-Cap-Streetstyle Kaisers-neue-Kleider-Malefashion-Herbstlook-Bomberjacke-Jeans-Dr-Martens-Boots-Trucker-Cap-Streetstyle

Shop the look:
Cap: Goorin Bros. Bomberjacket: Blauer USA | Polo-Shirt: Lacoste | Jeans: Diesel | Boots: Dr. Martens

Photos by Simon Retzmann (Ragnarion Rabenjunge)

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2 replies on “Streetstyle | Embroidered bomber jacket for jeans and boots

  1. Hi Maik, genialer Look. Ich weiß gar nicht was mir am Besten daran gefällt. Ich finde sowohl die Distressed-Jeans von Diesel als auch diese bestickte Bomberjacke mega. Über die Boots brauchen wir gar nicht reden. Ich möchte am liebsten alles sofort davon haben. Super cooles Outfit. Das sieht nach einem stylischen Herbst aus würde ich sagen 🙂
    Beste Grüße

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