Colourful, glittering bath balls, fragrant creams and colourful cosmetics. . .  No, that’s not all that Lush Handmade Cosmetics has to offer: The British cosmetics manufacturer can convince with innovative and sustainable products and has a lot to offer for men as well. The brand relies on high-quality, natural ingredients for its products, renounces artificial preservatives and animal testing and the products are mostly vegan. In addition, Lush produces its cosmetics in Germany and makes an important contribution to sustainable waste avoidance by dispensing with packaging and recycling. During a visit to the Cologne store we were introduced to the variety of products and Lush was able to convince us of their concept. We have selected a few highlights from their large range.


Also men enjoy these products

Fun in the shower: The “Whoosh” shower jelly comes like a jell-o in blue and provides you with the necessary power in the shower. A kick of freshness for your skin and hair! Kalamazoo” is specially designed for beard and face cleansing. The creamy cleanser with fresh pineapple juice effectively removes dirt from the beard, makes it supple and cares for the skin with almond, jojoba oil and cupuça butter. With the “Magical Moringa” face cream, rich beauty oils pamper the skin and have a matting effect. Exotic oils such as wild rose, argan, moringa and shea moisturize and soften the skin.

beauty-lush-vegan-kosmetik-maennerpflege-bart-creme beauty-lush-vegan-kosmetik-maennerpflege-bart-creme beauty-lush-vegan-kosmetik-maennerpflege-bart-creme

Let’s go to the bar

Mega practical and effective: Lush offers many products in solid form. When in contact with skin or water, the bars become soft and can be used optimally. Perfect for air travel! The “New Shampoo Bar” revives and stimulates the scalp with a mixture of cinnamon leaf oil, clove oil and peppermint. In addition to shine and cleansing, hair growth is stimulated. Each Peach” massage butter and its sparkling fresh citrus oils awaken and nourish the skin. At body temperature, the butter becomes soft and glides gently over the skin. The “Full of grace” cleansing serum has a similar concept: The firm serum with rose petals and mushroom soothes sensitive skin and provides it with the necessary moisture. Simply warm up in the palm of your hand and massage gently into the skin.

Besides rich and high-quality ingredients, Lush Handmade Cosmetics convinces us men with its innovative and imaginative products. On the homepage of Lush you can find all information and ingredients of the products. But the best thing to do is to visit a Lush-Shop and get competent and friendly advice!

beauty-lush-vegan-kosmetik-maennerpflege-bart-creme beauty-lush-vegan-kosmetik-maennerpflege-bart-creme beauty-lush-vegan-kosmetik-maennerpflege-bart-cremebeauty-lush-vegan-kosmetik-maennerpflege-bart-creme

Portrait-Photos by Angela Trabert

This post is a cooperation with Lush Handmade Cosmetics.

4 replies on “Beauty | Men care with Lush Handmade Cosmetics

  1. Ich liebe die Sachen von LUSH! Super, dass du mal ein paar Produkte vorgestellt hast, die ich bisher noch gar nicht kannte. Und mit deinen Hinweisen kann ich vielleicht auch mal meinen Mann von der tollen Naturkosmetik überzeugen 😉 Liebe Grüße aus Berlin, Saskia.

  2. Super Beitrag! Ich wäre als Kerl wirklich nicht auf die Idee gekommen bei LUSH reinzuschauen. Aber ich sehe, da gibt es wohl auch was für mich zu entdecken. Cool! Robert D.

    1. Hey Robert,
      genau so ging es mir auch!! LUSH ist doch nur für die Mädels und für die Badewanne! Doch dann wurde ich eines Besseren belehrt. Ich hab mittlerweile eine komplett andere Meinung zu den Produkten und bin froh meinen Kosmetikhorizont erweitert zu haben! 🙂
      Viele Grüße,

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