Of course, the big luxury brands cannot be denied: We men shall also be seduced by their scents. And so Chanel, Prada, Dior and Co. present numerous signature fragrances for us gentlemen. I like to be seduced and show you five of my favourite men’s fragrances from luxury labels.

That’s how the gentleman smells


Bottega Veneta – Pour Homme

The luxury brand Bottega Veneta is known for its woven leather accessories such as bags, purses and belts. The brand’s signature men’s fragrance stands for sensuality with male elegance. The scents of hay and conifers blend with leather and fresh cedar essence. For me this is the perfect combination of freshness and coarse, masculine scent combinations. Intense and striking.


Givenchy – Gentlemen only intense

The intense version from Givenchy’s “Gentlemen only” series stands for elegant understatement and sensuality. Wood, leather, amber – these are the captivating scents that define this perfume. The initially intense, aromatic fragrance releases the lighter components such as vetiver, birch and tangerine after a while. To me, the perfect fragrance for the real gentleman.


Chanel – Bleu de Chanel

The scents of Chanel are all true classics. Whether for ladies or gentlemen, the extraordinary scent compositions are unique. “Bleu de Chanel“ celebrates man’s freedom with aromatic, woody notes. The timeless composition of fresh citrus fruits and aromatic woods have a sensual and invigorating effect. For me an extremely modern fragrance and an intensive companion to all looks.


Prada – Amber Pour Homme

The first men’s fragrance from the luxury label Prada has been with me for years. The masculine scents of amber, leather and oriental spices create a noble sensuality that is hard to resist. The top note of the men’s fragrance contains bergamot, cardamom and tangerine. In contrast, patchouli and vanilla from the heart note. Elegant and unobtrusive, perfect for an evening for two.


Dior – Sauvage

The men’s fragrances from Dior are always very special. The balanced scent compositions usually convince me quickly. The quite new men’s fragrance “Sauvage” is therefore already a classic for me. The extraordinary fragrance tells of wide landscapes and blue skies. Amber, bergamot and pepper are fresh and elegant at the same time. Sauvage smells of freedom and wilderness – go out into life!

Photos by Christian Geppert

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